New hit Netflix show ‘Southern Survival’ features Bulloch Co. business

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PORTER, Ga. (WSAV)—A reality show featuring a Bulloch County company is now one of the top trending shows on Netflix.

The show stars the team from Battlbox, a subscription box company for survival gear, testing out products designed to help people survive dangerous situations, including explosions, natural disasters, and intruders.

“We talk about fire, we talk about cutting utensils, getting out of wrecked vehicles, underwater rescue, rescue in the water,” VP of Marketing for BattlBox Brandon Currin said.

“A lot of stuff where people say, ‘this will never happen to me.’ The fact of the matter is if it does, do you know how to deal with it, and are you prepared to deal with it?”

The show, called Southern Survival, is described as a cross between Myth Busters and Duck Dynasty.

They produced the show at the BattlBox headquarters in Bulloch County, showing viewers which tools could help them stay alive during deadly situations.

“If you watch the show, you’ll see us touch on the hurricane episode where we went to Tybee,” BattlBox CEO Daniel Dabbs said.

“And that’s something in our area that’s very specific to what we would be prepared for as opposed to earthquakes out on the west side of the country,” he added. “It’s all very relevant to what’s going on in the real world.”

The BattlBox crew tests what devices work in different situations like fighting off wild animals or other disasters like car wrecks and hurricanes— gear you can find in their monthly subscription boxes.

“We send out things primarily for survival but also for adventure purposes,” Currin said. “Like tents and things like that, camping equipment, water purification, firestarters, and a lot of stuff you’ve never seen before.”

Dabbs says they created the show to inspire people to get outside and learn new skills.

“We just want to inspire people to get outdoors so people can get cool gear in, go outside and actually use the products that we send out and go outside and try these skills and learn new things,” he said.

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