JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — A new educational plan starting in Beaufort and Jasper County is attempting to get kids a good start in school, with a little different way of thinking and teaching.

It’s a critical time in a child’s life, starting their educational journey at a young age to get them used to learn. Now, one new school in the Lowcountry is taking a different approach to give all kids a chance to start their education as soon as possible.

It’s called the Jubilee Co-Operative Preschool. And starting this fall for Beaufort and Jasper county three-year-old’s, it’s an opportunity for kids to find the way they learn best, by ear, by book as well as finding ways to stimulate the mind through exercise, music and more.

“It is a combination of many philosophies and we tweaked them all and put them in a pot and came up with our own,” said Amy Dungan, Director of Jubilee Co-Operative Preschool. “It is using researched best practices but doing it in a different way.”

Organizers say it combines some of the systems in regular preschools, Montessori and more, as well as making sure parents get involved and stay involved in their student’s education.

“Children get to see their parents involved and see their parents are modeling best practices. and come to understand there is an importance to education and if their parents are side by side with them they are going to figure that out very quickly,” said Amy Dungan, Jubilee Co-Operative Preschool.

“I hope we are establishing a new design for education and this is not a one shot boutique school. Our vision is we are going to work on this school, we are going to work on the curriculum and perfect it. and the goal is to replicate this to other communities in need,” said Dungan.

The school is limited to 50 students and has a 10 to 1 teacher-to-student ratio, along with a parent in every room. The kids rotate through two different classrooms a day and those outside activities. Backed by a local philanthropist. Jubilee is expected to open in Hardeeville this fall.

It isn’t free but it is designed to be affordable, especially for lower to middle-income families in all communities. The tuition could be as low as $100 a month depending on income level.

The hope is families from all spectrums and ways of life will be part of this experience.