New CDC travel guidelines seen as boost for industry, especially airlines

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SAVANNAH, GA. (WSAV)- A new recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control is being called a boost to the travel industry. The CDC says if you have been fully vaccinated you can travel without tests or quarantines.

Scott Keyes, Founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, says it is a huge “shot in the arm” for all of the industry and indicates “how quickly travel is going to be rebounding.”

And a rebound may be especially important for the airlines, which saw a 70 percent reduction in business at the height of the pandemic.

Keyes says in the past two weeks there have been more than one million passengers per day flying on a number of days and says more people who are vaccinated will likely resume flying now.

“There may be a lot of folks who might have been a little on the fence about whether they should travel even if they’ve been fully vaccinated,” he said. “I think of my parents who have been fully vaccinated for well over a month but didn’t necessarily feel comfortable traveling. So, I think it’s folks like that who with this CDC announcement are going to to feel okay again about traveling and getting back on airplanes.”

Keyes says this is the beginning of a very busy summer travel season.

“We’re going to keep seeing more more and more travel because right now the pent up demand for travel is unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” he said.

He also says don’t wait too long if you are planning on traveling by air for your summer vacation.

“If you’re hoping to travel this summer and you’re hoping to get a cheap flight right around now is the time to be booking,” said Keyes. “If you wait until let’s say May to book those summer flights the chances are there aren’t gong to be any cheap flights left.”

If you do book a summer flight but at the time still don’t feel comfortable flying, he says all major airlines will let you change your flight without a fee if you book main economy class or higher.

He also says by May, all airlines will be filling that middle seat. But he’s not concerned because he says airplanes truly do have good ventilation and filtering systems. But more importantly, Keyes says it’s because he believes in the power of the vaccines.

“It certainly wouldn’t stop me from getting on an airplane knowing there’s going to be somebody I don’t know sitting next to me,” he says.

“Being able to travel once again and having those trips to look forward to is one of the things I think folks are most eager for and most happy to get back to as we all get vaccinated and we all get back to kind of our normal way of life and our normal way of travel,” said Keyes

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