SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – With the new Bryan County Hyundai plant on the way, there will be an influx of English second language (ESL) families with children coming to the area. A big question is how local school systems will make the learning transition for these students.

“This is something that can reinforce that for those who have virtually no experience in reading or the English language, ” said Georgia’s State School Superintendent Richard Woods.

The superintendent was in Savannah Friday to see a program called Amira Learning in action — an artificial intelligence tutor for students. It’s a seemingly perfect tool for ESL children.

“It does lend itself to where a student is, but also it makes adjustments based on where the kids are,” said Woods. “So it looks like an excellent tool that would address any level of learner, any type of learner. From what I’ve seen so far.”

This reading assistant can listen to children as young as 5 years old and assess the child’s understanding of their reading ability to better tailor to them for one-on-one personalized tutoring. 

Woods said this program could even possibly help those ESL parents also touch up on their English skills.

“What you find out is that many of our parents of these students…they may not speak English as well,” said Woods. “So who knows it may be a tool that they can use to improve their level of communication as well.”

The superintendent says he plans to look into how the Amira program can be used in schools statewide.