Neighbors in Hull Park area worry about splash pad overflow

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- A viewer who’s worried about the safety of a splash play area in her neighborhood reached out to News 3 for help. She said the fountain isn’t draining properly and the city doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fix it. 

The water that shoots out of the Hull Park fountain often takes hours to drain. A neighbor said dozens of children come here to play every day, especially during the summer. She’s worried it could be unsafe. 

Laughter and splashes is the usual soundtrack here at Hull Park’s fountain area, but lately, parents in the neighborhood are singing a different tune.

“I noticed in the last year, especially last summer, that it would get clogged very easy and then it wouldn’t drain properly,” said Lauren Key, a mother of three in the area. “It would get dirty and kind of gross and so we do not play when it gets to that level.”

With a school nearby, dozens of children flock to the splash pad every day. Sarah Fillingim worries about the safety of her own.

“As the lower fountain would fill up with water or now recently this one fills up with water I’ve got toddlers,” said Fillingim. “I just worry about them falling in the water or kids sitting in the dirty water it’s just not ideal,”

Ken Slats with the city of Savannah said officials are aware of the issue.

“The water sits longer than it should, it’s not draining freely therefor we either have clogged pipes underneath and it might be a small fix,” said Slats. “We need to clean the pipes out and see if it could possibly be a bigger fix where roots are growing around the pipes, then we have a much bigger issue.”

Slats says employees from the Water Department will need to come in to determine the root of the problem.

“We need to see if there’s a smaller fix to the issue to see if underneath maybe we can drain some of those pipes on May 28th its suppose to go into the regular summer schedule 10 to 3 p.m.,” said Slats. “That’s still up in the air whether or not we’ll be able to do that and keep the splash pad open that long.”

Families in the area hope the repairs come sooner rather than later.

“Its one of the closer areas where they could just go and play so yea it would be great if it worked properly,” said Key.

Slats said the soonest the water department would be out here is by May 28th. If they do find tree roots growing around the pipes the project would be a major undertaking for the city. Possibly requiring a temporary shut down of the splash area.

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