NAACP opening phone lines for voters to report any irregularities at polls

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The NAACP wants to make sure there are no problems when voters cast their ballots on Tuesday.

Along with offering free rides to the polls, the NAACP is urging voters to call them if they have any issues casting their ballot.

Linda Carter, secretary for the NAACP Savannah, has been helping people in her community vote since she was 14 years old. This year she plans to do the same. 

“We just want the people to be able to vote un-intimidated and not be afraid of the machines, not be afraid of the poll workers and not be afraid to speak out when something is wrong or when something just doesn’t look right for them,” said Carter.

Members of the organization’s legal counsel will also be in the NAACP office to help with any calls that come through.

“Some of those issues can be resolved simply by calling the polling place to see what’s going on, but some of those issues may not be resolved as easily and so we have attorneys,” said Janette Louard, Deputy general counsel for the NAACP. “That if its necessary if there needs to be litigation we are here in Savannah but we do attempt to try to solve problems locally first.”

Carter added that Chatham County has a good reputation for helping citizens but said: “anything can happen.”

She says there are steps voters can take on their own to ensure their ballot is cast correctly.

“When you select your choices review your ballot before you hit cast ballot just make certain that you view ballot and the machine does give you that option to review every page so that it reflects your choices before you cast your ballot and before you leave your polling place,” said Carter.

The NAACP does not endorse any part they just want people to be able to vote freely. If you want to report any irregularities in the polls you can call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or the NAACP office number at 912-233-4161.

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