PEMBROKE, Ga. (WSAV) — The owner of this small town auction says people have come from all over to try and get their hands on a piece of Murdaugh property

Every other Thursday Liberty Auction in Pembroke is known to sell your typical everyday items, but Thursday, March 23 was a unique experience. 

Victoria Gaitten told News 3, “Okay so I’m a frequent auctioner, so I come here every other Thursday, but today has the Murdaugh stuff so we’re super excited to see what that’s going to go for, if we can win something.”

People from all over the country came out to see if they could snag one of the many Murdaugh estate items being sold. Lori Mattingly owner of Liberty Auction says she knew something like this would bring in a large crowd. 

Lori Mattingly: “This is about what I expected from all the responses that we have gotten through our website, phone calls, social media. There’s a sea of people in here right now. 

Items like turtle lamps sold for over 1500 dollars and china dishware sold for 1000 dollars. one of the lucky people who got the chance to own something of the Moselle property was local resident, Emma Ferrell.

She said, “Yeah, so I secured this duck for 50 dollars, but there were some before this going for 140, 150, so I feel like I really cut a deal here and then the other things that were going for were like coolers and other sorts of household things that hold a lot of value”. 

Ferrell says she didn’t even want to place a bid until she saw what popular items were up for bids. 

“I wasn’t even planning on bidding on anything until it I was just got caught in the moment, I guess that’s how bidding works, but um I got excited when I saw something my dog might like”. 

One of the most expensive that sold was a bullhorn that went for over 10,000 dollars.