HAMPTON, S.C. (WSAV) – The mother of Mallory Beach and others have filed claims against the estates of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh over the property where they were found dead last year.

The 19-year-old Mallory was on the boat with Paul and several others when it crashed in February 2019. She was thrown from the boat and found dead days later.

Paul had been charged with three counts of boating under the influence, though the charges were dropped when he and his mother were found shot to death on the Moselle property in June 2021.

Lawyers for Mallory’s mother, Renee Beach, and two other passengers involved in the boat crash have filed $65 million in creditor’s claims against the estates. WSAV News 3 is told the move was made to ensure any assets left to Alex Murdaugh would be included in settlement or judgments of the civil lawsuits surrounding the boat crash.

Looking closer, Colleton County records show that in the event of Maggie and Paul’s deaths, the family’s patriarch, Alex Murdaugh, would be entitled to the property.

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