COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — The legal wranglings continue between prosecutors and defense attorneys in the Alex Murdaugh case.

News 3 has learned a familiar name and face may end up on the witness stand.

Curtis Smith’s name has been added to the potential witness list.

The man known to many as “Cousin Eddie” is considered a friend and a co-conspirator of Murdaugh’s according to prosecutors.

“We know for a fact that millions of dollars, at least $2.5 frankly more than that went through his hands,” said Creighton Waters of the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office back in June at Smith’s bond hearing.

Prosecutors say Murdaugh wrote a total of 437 checks over eight years for more than $2 million. Most of the money went to Murdaugh, said investigators, and some of that money went to Smith.

Prosecutors said some of that money is still missing.

“There is substantial evidence that money is cashed out from these transactions that Mr. Smith participated in,” Waters said in June. “There is a substantial amount of cash unaccounted for that passed through Mr. Smith’s hands.”

Smith was also the man who Alex allegedly called back in September of 2020 to come to a Colleton County road and shoot him. The goal was allegedly for Alex to die and Alex’s son Buster would then make $11 million in insurance money of his own.

It’s a crime that Smith said back in 2021 he wouldn’t commit.

“I didn’t shoot him,” Smith said.
“Are you innocent of everything?”
“Yes. If I shot him he would have been dead,” Smith replied.

Prosecutors believe Smith won’t be lying if he takes the stand in Murdaugh’s murder trial later this month.

Smith himself is awaiting trial, in jail on 12 different charges. All saying he helped Alex take millions, and got paid himself.

Money that Smith told a Judge at that bond hearing he doesn’t have.

“I don’t have any money,” said Smith. “All the money Mr. Waters is talking about that was Murdaugh that got all of that. I don’t have any money. All I have is the disability I live off of and that’s it.”

“I’m not putting anybody on, I look forward to clearing my name,” Smith said. “Your honor, that stuff. I am the one who got pulled into it. Not by choice.”

But just two months later, in August 2022, prosecutors said Smith lied to the Judge and has had tens of thousands of dollars in his bank account ever since he got out of jail.

“Is there a consequence when Mr. Smith stood before your honor just a couple of weeks ago and then he had $80,000 in his checking account,” Waters asked.

Smith claimed the money was from an insurance settlement when his shop burned three years before. Alex Murdaugh represented Smith in that case.

“I by no means and no way trying to hide the money from a fire I had at the shop three years ago. I had to take almost all that money and bond myself out,” Smith said at that August hearing.

Smith was also caught on GPS at various places other than work and home at all times of day and night, a violation of his parole.

Smith said he didn’t understand the rules.

“I took a butt chewing from these people for a while now and I fully understand what it means. I have not gone across the street to check my mail in two weeks,” said Smith.

Judge Clifton Newman didn’t believe all the stories and revoked his bond. Smith is still in jail to this day.

Smith could be a big witness for both sides.

The defense wants to bring up the fact that Smith allegedly failed a polygraph test when asked if he killed Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. That he could be connected to their killings.

Prosecutors have filed their own motions to exclude any evidence or argument during the trial that would tie any suspect to the murder other than Alex.

The first motion wants to exclude any mention of polygraphs during any phase of the trial.

The second motion would prohibit Murdaugh’s counsel from making any reference to or presenting evidence of “third-party guilt evidence” during any phase of the trial,

A judge still has to rule on those motions before Jan. 23 when jury selection is supposed to start.