SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – One of the most beloved parks in Savannah, Mother Mathilda Beasley Park, serves as a multi-use facility used by the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club, youth sports organizations and locals alike.

After decades of service to the community, it was finally time for a renovation. Specifically, to the baseball field that’s had mounting problems with flooding and deterioration accumulated from over the years.

“We’re here today in partnership with the Sports Turf Managers Association to bring this volunteer project to Chatham County, and we worked with the county to identify an under resourced park in the area that we could improve, that would benefit the most people,” said Cindy Code, Executive Director of Project Evergreen.

Thanks to nearly 80 sports turf managers from across the country, most of which make a living off of maintaining NFL and MLB facilities, the project of completely remodeling the baseball field was able to be started and completed in a matter of just four hours.

“A normal project like this, you know, if the county was trying to do it themselves with only their crew of four or five guys, this would take days, maybe weeks,” said Nick McKenna, president of the Sports Turf Managers Association. “The great thing is we’re able to bring in all these industry experts with specialization and skills and knowledge of these things and everything we need to get accomplished, and we’re able to hammer it out in a matter of four hours.”

It just so happened that this week, the Sports Turf Managers Association is holding their yearly convention at the Savannah Convention Center. Nearly 1,000 turf managers are expected for the convention, so those who arrived early decided they wanted to give back to the community during their time in the Hostess City.

McKenna wants kids at home to take notice of how the new facility came together. He hopes that this project can open the eyes of children who want to further pursue sports as a career, but may not have the talent to make it in the big leagues.

“For me, like I said, I grew up playing everything but I reached a point where my skills were only going to carry me so far. This has created an opportunity for me to stay close to athletics and the sports I grew up loving and enjoying, so I can still be a part of the game without playing anymore,” McKenna explained.

According to Chatham County Parks & Recreation, more events will be planned at Mother Mathilda Beasley Park in the coming months to help take full advantage of the new renovations.