SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Holiday travel this season is expected to be the third busiest since 2000, according to AAA. An estimated nearly 102 million Americans are expected to drive to their holiday destinations. That’s an additional 2 million drivers compared to 2021.

INRIX, a provider of transportation analytics and insights, expects the most congested days on the road to be Friday before Christmas, Dec. 27 and 28, and on Monday, Jan. 2, as travelers mix with commuters. In major metros, like Atlanta, drivers could experience double the typical delays.

So that drivers are prepared for delays and avoid traveling during peak commuting hours, below is a list of the worst and best times to travel by car according to INRIX.

DateWorst travel timeBest travel time
12/23/224:00-7:00 PMBefore 2:00 PM, After 8:00 PM
12/24/2212:00-6:00 PMBefore 11:00 AM, After 7:00 PM
12/25/22 – Minimal Traffic Expected
12/26/222:00-6:00 PMBefore 12:00 PM, After 7:00 PM
12/27/223:00-7:00 PMBefore 2:00 PM, After 8:00 PM
12/28/223:00-7:00 PMBefore 2:00 PM, After 8:00 PM
12/29/223:00-7:00 PMBefore 2:00 PM, After 8:00 PM
12/30/223:00-7:00 PMBefore 2:00 PM, After 8:00 PM
12/31/22 – Minimal Traffic Expected
1/1/23 – Minimal Traffic Expected
1/2/234:00-7:00 PMBefore 3:00 PM, After 8:00 PM
Source: INRIX

Metro Atlanta’s peak congestion on l-75 North, Ga. 17 to l-675 is on Jan. 2 from 5:15-6:15 p.m. During this time traffic could be delayed almost by double.