Metter police give advice on how to stay safe when making after-hour deposits at a bank

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METTER, Ga.,(WSAV)- Police in Metter are trying to find a suspect who attacked and robbed a business owner trying to make an after-hours deposit, and it was all caught on tape.

Take a look at the video. A suspect appears to run up to a car, then, attacks the man getting out of the car. 

“The person  was trying to make a deposit in the night deposit and he took the bank bag and fled on foot,” Chief Robert Shore, of the Metter ppolice department said.

The man who was attacked and robbed was a local convience store owner,  trying to make a night deposit. A lot of small business owners do this every night but it can be risky business.

“Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that you know what’s going on around you. If you see something supicious you need to contact the local authorities. The local police department, something like that,” Shore explained.

He continued ” if you are able to, take somebody with you. That would be assistance too, there’s strength in numbers.”

Maybe the best advice, especially for a large after-hours deposit, at least in Metter, call the police in advance.  

“We have a policy here in metter that if a local establishment needs to make a night deposit for a large sum of money and they want to contact the police department, we don’t mind going around there and escorting them to make that deposit,” Shore said.

Shore also described the suspect in the video as an  African American male, slim build, between five-foot-eleven and six-foot-two. He said the man was wearig a light colored sweatshirt and possibly dark pants and white shoes.

If anyone has any information that  may help police solve this case, call them at 912-685-5437.

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