Mayor Johnson calls on moms to combat gun violence in Savannah

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Ahead of Mother’s Day, Mayor Van Johnson introduced new partners in combatting gun violence in Savannah.

“It’s time for us to bring our secret weapon – our mommas,” the mayor said Friday.

He’s calling on parents across the city to take 10 steps over the next 100 days in their own homes. Alderwoman Linda Wilder Bryan, who lost her son Lawrence Bryan IV to gun violence, laid out the steps:

  • KNOW WHO your children’s friends are and who their friends’ parents are 
  • KNOW WHAT is in their room, their closet, their text messages, their social media 
  • KNOW WHERE your children are at all times and set a curfew 
  • BEWARE OF BOREDOM: children need accountability, schoolwork, a job, chores 
  • LOCK UP GUNS IN HOMES AND VEHICLES: access to guns puts your child and others at risk 
  • ASK about guns in homes your child visits and make sure they only visit homes where guns are safely stored 
  • FORM A VILLAGE of neighbors, church members, and parents of your child’s friends to keep every child in Savannah safe 
  • BE PRESENT physically, emotionally, spiritually; pray with your children, love your children, and have fun with your children this summer.

“It seems almost elementary, but we’re serious,” Johnson said.

“We are saying for the next 100 days, we need accountability in this community,” he added. “The police cannot mother our children. Mothers have to mother their children. Fathers have to father their children.”

The city is working with Parent University, Moms Demand Action and local news outlets, including WSAV, on community outreach.

The mayor said the city is also working to identify houses of faith where guns can be dropped off, with no questions asked.

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