Major General for ROTC programs nationwide visits students at Beach High School

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Beach High School’s JROTC cadets received a special visit today. The Major General, who oversees the program nationwide, stopped by to speak to the students.

“It’s just an honor for him to come to BH and recognize as a great JROTC program,” said Kayla Polite, the Cadet Colonel for the Beach High JROTC program. She said a visit from Major General John R. Evans means the world to her. 

“It’s a big deal. I am kinda nervous, but I know our ROTC program is great so I really don’t have anything to fear. I am just ready for him to come to see it. See our cadets, see what we can do,” said Polite. 

Evans’ Lieutenant Colonel and Executive Officer, Tavares Tukes, was once in Polites’s shoe more than two decades ago. He graduated from Beach High school in 1996.

“You can do whatever you want, everyone hasn’t done everything perfectly, however you have a blank canvas you can build on it you can paint on it. Your lines won’t always be straight everything won’t always come out correctly, but if you continue at it and you’re disciplined, you can have it,” said Tukes. 

Like Tukes, Evans is hoping to not just advise the young cadets, but, most importantly, hear what matters to them. 

“I’ve got kids that are younger than high schoolers 10 and 12 so when I visit JROTC programs I like to hear whats important in their minds. What are the things they are thinking about? I am always impressed by their level of achievement and their commitment to service and really kind of formulating a path forward in life,” said Major General Evans, Commander for the US Army Cadet Command.

He spent time with the cadets and answered their questions. He told News 3 that it’s not just about preparing them to serve in the military, but also in the community.

Major General Evans currently oversees over 1700 junior and nearly 300 senior ROTC programs across the country.

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