RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) — On Monday, Sept. 26, a portion of Ford Avenue in Richmond Hill will close for improvements.

The railroad tracks located by City Hall on Ford Avenue will be closed starting at 4 a.m. on September 26.

The decision to shut down the road was made in part by CSX railroad to allow upgrades to be made to the railroad crossing.

Businesses along the busy roadway said they were not notified by the city of any closure and heard about it through local Facebook groups. One of the businesses along Ford Avenue said it will affect how her business runs on a daily basis.

Store manager, Crystal Godoybetts, from All Things Chocolate and More said next week will be very challenging.

“I know that as being a small business we really do depend on a lot on our revenue, our servers depend a lot on dining visits, so the fact that the roads are going to be closed is going to be a pretty big hardship for a whole week,” Godoybetts said.

With the road closure going into effect next week, Godoybetts said she is now forced to provide additional services for her loyal customers while making sure the business stays afloat.

“So, as far as the preparations that we’re going to start to partake in is actually, hopefully, establish a delivery service by the end of this week, where we would be able to still get our food out there for our loyal customers that want to place their orders,” Godoybetts said.

Residents in the area will still be able to access businesses and schools but will not be able to travel through the work zone.

Crystal hopes that in the future the city will better inform its residents and businesses of these closures

“Communication is key, so I really hope that the higher-ups or the city itself would be able to reach out to our local businesses because it is our livelihood,” Godoybetts said. “So, you know and just letting us know what the plan with further proper communication and then that way we can prepare better ourselves.”

The road is expected to reopen on Sept. 30.