PORT ROYAL, S.C. (WSAV) — Over the last six months, there have been major problems at Sands Beach in Port Royal.

Officials say large holes are becoming a constant issue and they want it to come to an end. The main reason folks are packing the beach to dig is because they want to find sharks’ teeth.

Town Manager of Port Royal, Van Willis said because of the how deep the holes are it could pose a risk to the public.

“We’ll we’ve notice in the last couple of months, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of large holes, deep holes that people are digging at Sands Beach,” Willis said. “They’re obviously looking for shark’s teeth, but we’re concerned it’s become a hazard because of the size of the holes and depth of the holes.”

Willis also noted that the holes could create a tripping hazard and could impact the driving on the beach as well.

“They’re typically like three to four feet deep, they become trip hazards, and because we own the beach, we have a liability, relative to most things,” Willis said. “And, I realized that folks are putting the dirt back in the holes, but if they’re not properly compacted then they do become significant trip hazards and because we allow driving on our beaches that could become an issue as well.”

A local resident said she doesn’t see a problem with it, and in all actuality, the holes are from tropical storms, and waves.

“Most of these holes in the parking lot are from the tide,” one Port Royal resident told WSAV.

She also said once rules are put in place to ease the deep digging, she said it could impact tourism.

“It’s going to be a big, it’s going to be a huge problem with tourists,” she said. “People come here to dig for shark’s teeth, that’s what the beach is known for.”

Over the next few weeks, town council will put signs to alert the public of the digging. Town manager, Van Willis says he wants people to have fun, but to not dig so deep.

“Bring your small plastic shovel, dig your foot hole, and enjoy the beach,” Willis said. “We just don’t want encourage these large holes”.