PORT ROYAL, S.C. (WSAV) — The town of Port Royal has grown frustrated with the number of abandoned boats and now they’re ready to end the problem.

Town council is looking to enforce new rules for boat owners. Once approved, it a permit would be required for anchoring within a certain distance of docks, marinas, and public boat landings.

Town manager of Port Royal, Van Willis said this new ordinance would help ease the issue of derelict boats.

“This legislation would allow us to get a better handle on those boats,” Willis said. “Ensure that they are properly licensed, and that they have proper insurance, and that we register them when they do show up.”

This would also eliminate the potential risks of environmental dangers that could pose a threat to the waterways.

“We had shrimp boat that had anchored off shore, off the dock. And one evening, it sank,” Willis said. “And right now, at that time it was full of diesel fuel. So, we had issues trying to make the contact with the owner, and eventually the coast guard and the department of natural resources it had to get involved.”

Willis also says if this problem is not taken care of now, bigger issues could happen later down the line.

“We just got through hurricane season and a danger to docks and environmentally as I mentioned are these boats that could come off anchors, and either sink, have accidents with other boats, damaged docks,” Willis said. “So, we just want to get out in front of the problem, and we think that’s very important.”

Once the boats are removed from the waterways, town leaders say they can remove old shrimp dock that is currently there and begin construction on a new one-million-dollar shrimp dock.