PORT ROYAL, S.C. (WSAV) — The Port Royal area is about to add something big to its town. They are close to adding its first-ever library.

The new facility will be located on Paris Avenue. Parents and community members are excited as it will be close to an assisted living facility and Port Royal elementary school as well as surrounding neighborhoods.

Mayor Joe Devito said he felt this was the right thing to do for the community.

“For me as mayor, this just makes sense. Two blocks down the road, we have an elementary school,” Devito said. “We’re going to be able to introduce young children to the library system again. They’ll be able to walk here during the day and utilize this library. We have a facility down here, an assisted living facility where again people will be able to use that.”

The building previously served as a senior living facility, and now it is owned by Beaufort County.

Before it is set to open, it is still waiting for approval through the public facilities committee. Once it is given the green light, it then must go through repairs, and the town is awaiting final costs.

However, Devito is excited to give the town a library that people of all ages can enjoy.

“People like to get together, people like to talk, and library is another place where people can come, they sit, they can share,” Devito said. “The book clubs can meet and choose books. It allows people to stay here, and not have to exit this area, and drive to other locations for a library. We want things to be within a walking distance for this community.”

The closest library that the town currently uses is the one on Scott Street which is in downtown Beaufort. But for Port Royal resident, Ameila Morgan, this is something that she says will be great her kids and other area families.

“So, to have a library where it’s another location that we can come and learn from and pull resources from would be just another event, or another place to go and enjoy,” Morgan said.

“I have a lot of friends that have young kids, and just learning about this, out of all the things that are coming to Port Royal, I think this is going to be one of, you know the one at the top tier of excitement,” Morgan continued.

The library is set to open by summer 2023.