HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) — Hilton Head Island town council is working on its Mid-Island Initiative project. To get a better look at the areas that would be covered in the project, town council members took a trolly ride around the Island.

They toured the entire Island including the 103-acre property that will be used for a large public park. The park will represent the island including its history and culture.

Assistant town manager, Shawn Colin said the residents were the priority in this initiative.

“I strongly believe that if you build places where your residents are proud of and really enjoy, then visitors will come,” Colin said. “And so, it’s an opportunity to showcase as a central park for Hilton Head in sort of the center of town.”

Town mayor, John McCann called the project a fresh start for the island.

“This project benefits the whole town because it rejuvenates some areas that have been let go for a while,” McCann said. “It also makes the middle of the island a hub for residential, commercial, and for the development of the island.”

Some think this public park will be a good space for the community to come together including resident, Nathan Cockrell who says his kids would love an area to have fun.

“As far as green spaces and playgrounds, I think that would also be fantastic,” Cockrell said. “I have a family, I have children. They love to play sports and you know climb and rough house like all the other ones do so I think it would be great, it would be fantastic.”

On Nov. 1, the town council will vote on whether they can begin the second phase of the project which includes the design element. McCann is urging residents to come out and share their ideas on what should be included in the design process.