Lowcountry protest aims to prove its point without violence

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BEAUFORT, SC (WSAV) – The call for change extends into the Lowcountry as well where one group is vowing to continue standing up justice and equality.

The sounds of car horns honking are seemingly everywhere on Boundary street. Each one of those drivers giving a loud sign of support for protestors.

A group has been on this corner in front of the Beaufort county courthouse for the last four days. making posters with questions like “are we loud enough yet?” or simple messages like “honk for justice”

The goal? To draw attention to their cause and to the injustice in America right now.

“The more horns you hear, that’s justice,” says Ja-Corey Wright, one of the organizers from Seabrook. “The more they see us out here they are going to keep blowing the horns. they will get louder and louder and we will get heard.”

“We are ready to change the narrative of whats going on in the world whats going on in the country and we wanted to start at home,” said Shaun Birch, an organizer from St Helena Island.

“We don’t have to hold a sign,” says Timothy Garvin, an organizer from Burton. “We can just go and stand on the corner of the street and they know what we represent. So we know we are making a difference.”

Working to make a difference in a peaceful way. These men, women and even children want to be an example for the area and the rest of the country. Showing that every life matters, and you don’t have to destroy your city to deliver that message.

“If it was your son that you called for help for and he was living when you called the officers and then he’s dead. How would you feel?” asks Garvin.

“We care about the world we are going to leave our kids in the future,” says Birch.”That we are going to leave behind for them. if we don’t stand right now for them then they will be dealing with the same problem we are dealing with today.”

“Did you see the murder on the tv with the guy from Minnesota?” Garvin asks. “Did you see that? did it hurt you did it bother you did you think it was wrong? That’s why we are out here.”

Some are out here for George Floyd, others for Trey Pringle of Beaufort, a mentally unstable young man killed by police. The officers were determined to “not” be criminally responsible in that case.

People of all ages getting loud and sending a message that everyone can hear.

“it just shows that not only black young men and black people are tired of it, everyone is tired of it.”

“Black people and white people should have equal rights and they are no different,” said Steven Mader, who was brought to this protest by his mom.

The protestors vow to be out on this corner as long as necessary to make a difference in this community.

They were even cooked lunch by Beaufort Police officers Monday to show that even if they didn’t carry a sign – everyone truly “is” in this together.

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