HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C (WSAV) — A Lowcountry organization is giving grant funding to local nonprofits.

Long Cove Club is awarding over $200,000 in grant funds to nonprofits in Beaufort and Jasper counties. It will help assist individuals in need with education, health, food, and housing.

The Lowcountry organization is dedicated to funding these local organizations so they can continue being a resource in the community. Patricia Leader, the grant’s chair for Long Cove Club says these nonprofit groups need funding to help those in need.

“There’s really a tremendous need in this community, and specifically in those areas that I mentioned previously, the health, hunger, housing education and with that, we want to give back to the community,” Leader said.

Volunteers in Medicine Clinic is one of those local groups that provide free health care to residents in the area. Dr. John Newman, the executive director for Volunteers in Medicine Clinic, said funding is crucial to help people get the necessary medications and treatments for different diseases.

“And so, the gifts that Long Cove has helped us with is helping manage these chronic diseases because if I don’t know what your sugar is, your hemoglobin A1C, your cholesterol levels is, I can’t really care for you and diagnose diabetes,” Newman said. “And so, that’s the benefit that long cove partnership has done.”

Through the help of Long Cove, it has provided advancement in various treatments that patients wouldn’t normally receive.

“And so, the cumulative effect of that has just been a partner that we can rely on. And, we do rely on the community and Long Cove, but also the community has learned to rely on us,” Newman said. “And so, we’ve been able to be there for them. So, you develop this confidence and trust.”

With the help of this extra funding, volunteers can take the health initiative even further by applying the money to a farming system start-up. This system would help provide healthy food to patients in need.