HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) — Officials are warning cyclists of the dangers of riding and encouraging better bike safety on Hilton Head Island today.

After the recent death of a cyclist who was struck and killed on Hilton Head Island, officials are asking folks to be careful while bike riding.

Director of Public Safety, Bob Bromage is urging folks to make sure they pay attention when they are out on the bike pathways.

Bromage said “Hilton Head Island has miles and miles of multi-use pathways that we encourage bicyclists, people that walk, people that jog to share those pathways, and do so safely.

He also said “You’ll find on our pathways that there are stop signs on each end so, we encourage you to stop at those stop signs. Make sure if you’re coming up to one of those intersections, to make eye contact with someone in their vehicle so, they are aware you are there”.

Frank Babel, President of a bike safety advocacy group called, Bike Walk Hilton Head says the reason for the uptick of bike accidents is because people just trying to enjoy a nice bike ride are letting their guard down.

Babel said “You know there’s so many people here who ride bikes, and it’s like people get in automobiles, they’re careful about their automobiles, but sometimes when they get on bikes they just don’t think that way.

Babel also said, “They’re having fun, they’re relaxing, they’re getting some enjoyment and they don’t look ahead and they don’t look behind, and they don’t behave well at intersections sometimes”.  

And overall, the best way to practice good bike safety is stated as followed.

Babel said, “But we recommend helmets, we recommend wearing bright clothing, so people will see you.

Babel also states, “We recommend if people do have to ride at night they have lights and reflectors. We recommend that they basically be a little defensive, they need to look at the people around them, be aware of the surroundings”.