BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — August Mack was on her way to the store to pick up groceries from the supermarket when a tree fell down on her home.

August says her four daughters were in the home along with her niece when the incident occurred.

“My daughter noticed the roof started to collapse, she pulled them out and yanked them out,” August said.

Weather conditions in the area caused the tree to strike her home. August says when she purchased the home, she did not know the tree was in bad condition.

“Not knowing that this tree was dry rotted the whole time when we bought this.”

“It’s open, you can actually see the sky, right now the room is open, the two back rooms, and the bathroom is a total loss, the back is a total loss,” August said.

Everyone in the home made it out safely, and now August says her and her kids are forced to live elsewhere until the house can be fixed.

“Right now they said I can live in it, I can’t live in here with my four kids,” August said. “Probably find somewhere to go until I can get it fixed.”

August is appreciative of the support she has received in this process but she knows it’s going to take awhile to rebuild. And, she’s willing to help as well.

“Red cross came that night, red cross only came that night,” August said.

“Like I said, if I can get, like I said I work, I can pay somebody, something, I’m not looking for, for somebody to do anything, but anybody who volunteers, someone who can build, somebody who can do roofing, somebody that can do anything to help,” August said.

The American Red Cross of the Lowcountry is currently assisting the family at this time.