BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — On many Friday or Saturday nights, the Sumner house deck would be packed with people. Friends neighbors, anyone from the Alljoy area looking to have a good time.

But now they are all looking for a miracle a little bit of help. Something, as Wally remains in the hospital.

Walter Sumner, or Wally as he was known to many in the Bluffton and Alljoy area was always quick to help fix something, tell a joke, or have an impromptu party.

But two months ago he felt some pain and as he was walking into the hospital and suffered what is being called a spinal stroke.

He’s been paralyzed from the neck down since, and while he has shown some signs of recovery, his wife Diane says its been hard on her, the family’s pet pig Lila and the entire community — some of whom they have been friends with for close to 40 years.

Its been toughest on Diane, who lost her job just days after the emergency and has driven to savannah every day since.

She just misses the man she calls her best friend.

“I have hope. I’m praying for a miracle. I have faith that he’s going to be all right,” Diane said. “Because he’s a strong man. He was with me through breast cancer the whole time so I’m going to be with him.”

Those friends and neighbors want to do their part to help Wally and Diane. There is a cornhole tournament and auction this weekend and a go fund me has also been started to help him with the cost of rehab and retrofitting his house.