PEMBROKE, Ga. (WSAV) — For about a year, the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office has been stepping up its social media game and the results are often hilarious. From a mug shot of Frozen’s Elsa to a meme of Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense. Their Facebook page stands out.

“When you include humor into the mix, it really becomes something relatable,” said Jennifer Fleming, the sheriff’s office Public Information Officer.

Humor abounds on the page that started taking a new approach to connecting with followers when Sheriff Mark Crowe took office a little over a year ago.

“It’s growing. The shares are just, it’s crazy to see, but it’s also really great. It’s uplifting. The sheriff loves seeing it,” Fleming exclaimed.

A recent tongue-in-cheek Halloween-themed “traffic advisory,” showing a broom in the road, got hundreds of likes and laughs and 55 shares. The page even pokes fun at its own, including Crowe’s singing ability as a funny way to raise money for a local charity.

Fleming said the posts are also a way to humanize deputies at a time when law enforcement has struggled with public perception.

“We want y’all, the community, to look at us the same way we kind of look at y’all,” Flemming said. “And saying, we’re humans, we’re people, we think alike, we do things alike.”

She adds that most of the humor on the Facebook page comes from actual experiences of deputies. As for who’s the mastermind behind the page, they’re keeping that a mystery.