SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Slow down, you’re driving in a school zone. Pay attention to those neon signs during your Monday morning drive as school zone cameras will be activated, according to the Chatham County Police Department (CCPD).

The cameras will wake up an hour before school starts and remain active until an hour after school ends. They will be on at Georgetown K-8, May Howard Elementary, St. Andrews School, Coastal Middle and Marshpoint Elementary.

Anyone speeding will receive a warning, but tickets will begin rolling out for speeders after Sept. 16. CCPD says drivers exceeding 10 mph over the school zone speed limit will receive tickets. An officer will review the surveillance video and mail the ticket to the offender.

First offenders must pay a $100 total ticket and subsequent tickets will be $125. Offenders won’t lose any points from their license.

CCPD conducted a speed study during school hours over a five-day period and says more than 10% of nearly 93,000 drivers exceeded speed limits. CCPD said Port Wentworth has seen an 84% reduction in school zone speeders and Bloomingdale has seen a 76% reduction.