SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Justin Pratt spends a lot of his time thinking about school safety. As the Campus Police Emergency Management Coordinator for the Savannah Chatham County Public Schools, he says there’s always soul searching after a school shooting. A recent shooting in Texas killed 19 students and two teachers.

“It’s unfortunate when something like that happens but it does give us the opportunity to look at what the reaction was, how the intruder was able to get in the building, what took place,” he told us.

“We haven’t had (such an incident) here in Savannah Chatham thankfully and I think some of that may be due to the measures we have in place,” said Pratt.

Pratt showed us around one school currently open because of summer school. That included seeing the locked door in the classroom. Then he said this school, relatively new, also had a door that went to two bathrooms where there was a hallway that led to the next classroom. If necessary, he says students and teachers could get into the hallway and lock that door and even go to the restrooms where those doors could also be locked.

“So there are one, two, three layers of locked doors between them and the outside right here,” said Pratt.

He also said safety measures at this school and others in the district include the stationing of a school safety officer at the entrance where there is also a metal detector. In addition, the district has 74 sworn resource officers who can carry guns. Those officers are assigned to schools where they make the rounds all day which include often checking to see if a door is locked as it is supposed to be.

Pratt also says that next month, several new school resource officers will receive training provided by the Georgia Public Safety Training Center.

“The summer gives our officers the chance to get education and training they aren’t normally able to do because they’re in the school during the school year,” said Pratt.

Pratt also says there is what he referred to as ‘robust’ training for teachers and children.

“All of our students and staff go through active shooter training and emergency drills on a regular basis,” he told us.

Police Chief of the Savannah Chatham County Public Schools Terry Enoch says there is always something to look at in terms of possible new procedures.

“Here’s what I want parents to know that we take safety and security of our facilities of our students and faculty very seriously, it is our number one priority,” said Enoch.

We are not doing everything we can to make sure we are prepared but that we can respond if necessary,” said Enoch.

Pratt says that plan starts with whoever is first on the scene.

“You know, the first officer on scene is going to go in and start looking for the issue you know so there is not a waiting period for that and that’s why we have an officer in school so there is someone there to shorten that gap for that response time,” said Pratt.

Pratt and Chief Enoch say that campus police have spent time building relationships with other area law enforcement. Enoch says the schools are spread out in the community and if there is an incident it may be that a city police officer or deputy sheriff might get there before he or his officers do. Enoch also said they have worked to have a more seamless 9-1-1 system to get emergency school calls out to officers who can get to schools quickly no matter their jurisdiction.

To that end, the district has made a point of installing special lockboxes at the entrances of schools. Pratt says it’s much like a key system for the fire department. If someone from area law enforcement needs to enter a school, the lockbox should provide a school key and the way for them to do that.

“Everybody wants to believe they’re really well prepared but there is always room for improvement,” said Pratt.