Local school nurses in Savannah proactively learn the symptoms of Measles

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Measles Cases in the U.S have climbed to the highest level in 25 years and now local medical professionals want to make sure children in Chatham County Schools are protected. 

There haven’t been any confirmed cases of measles in schools within Chatham County, but the widespread outbreak makes school nurses in the area want to be proactive in the fight against measles.

“This is the year with the highest number of measles cases since 2000. I think it’s good for the school nurses to be prepared with what to do and how to guide not only students and families but also their colleagues,” said Dr. Stephen Thacker.

Dr. Thacker tells News 3 although measles aren’t considered common anymore, the recent outbreak is concerning. He says it’s important for school nurses in the area to be educated and proactive.

Memorial Hospital held an informational session for SCCPSS Nurses Wednesday.

“Many of us, in my age or generation or younger have not grown up with everyone getting measles, which used to be the norm. For those folks who grew up in a time where everyone got measles, they got to see the complication.  There are many complications that you can get from this simple infection and some can be life-threatening and life-altering,” said Dr. Thacker.

Health Officials advise adults to find out their status at their doctor and get a vaccination or a booster if needed.

“I hope we will walk away with an expanded knowledge base that will allow us to react quickly and effectively to any concerns or measles we may have,” said Lisa Wilson, Lead District Nurse for SCCPSS.

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