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Local residents angry osprey nest destroyed on Whitemarsh Island


There is growing outrage over the destruction of an osprey nest on Whitemarsh Island. The goal was to fix a light post on Highway 80 near the Islands Expressway flyover -- but the result destroyed a bird's nest. The nest was removed Thursday.

A contractor working for the county took the nest down, collected the eggs and gave them to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. The eggs were then sent to the birds of prey center near Charleston.

The county hired a contractor to deal with the nest so maintenance could be performed on the light.

Olivia Anderson of Savannah said, "We're putting  … the human need to fix something way before wildlife survival and I really think that's too bad. We need to respecte the wildlife as much as we can and for something as small as light bulbs, it just seems unnecessary."

Arthur Sullivan of Savannah agreed. “It's a shame that they would take something like that away. It's there for everybody to observe and for the wildlife to enjoy.”

It does take permits to disturb osprey nests. The county issued a statement that says it is the responsibility of the contractor to obtain any permits.

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