NAACP Savannah Branch reacts to Trump’s call for ‘Black Voices’ coalition

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – While President Trump was in Atlanta Friday announcing the formation of a “Black Voices for Trump” group, African Americans in other parts of Georgia were being asked questions.

News 3 put some to Richard Shinhoster of the NAACP Savannah Branch: is Trump’s outreach genuine? Shinhoster answered by saying, “We’re going to be working hard on the election in 2020 and I hope we have a change.”

While the president says the lives of African Americans are better under his administration — including lower unemployment and crime — Shinhoster says in areas like healthcare and student loans, the administration has made things worse.

He cited efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act which he says provided many more African Americans with health insurance.

“I don’t think the Trump Administration even has a healthcare plan, at least I haven’t seen one,” said Shinhoster. “I haven’t seen anything that represents benefits to people other than wealthy people.”

” I don’t think they have a clue about the lives of African Americans and I don’t think they’re concerned,’ he told News 3.

Shinhoster believes that many African American voters will be looking at things like healthcare and the cost of student loans — which he says the administration has done nothing about.

“But for many young people, and that’s not only black young people but others who go to college, no, they will be paying a debt for the next 10, 15 years or longer and something is wrong with that scenario,” Shinhoster said. “It should be addressed at a level that will bring about change.”

On the president’s visit to Atlanta, Shinhoster said:

“From what I understand he’s coming to Georgia to raise money, this is a sideshow. (President Trump) is coming here to raise money using Perdue and some of the other top-level Georgia Republicans to raise money and if we overlook that we get caught up in the minutiae of him going to one place to talk with some African Americans, it’s not why he’s here.”

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