Local lawmakers react to President Trump’s acquittal in impeachment trial

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Senate has acquitted President Donald Trump on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Since the start of the impeachment proceedings, senators from Georgia and South Carolina have been solidly in the president’s corner — and voted along party lines on Wednesday.

The Republican senators from Georgia, David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, both voted to acquit the president.

“The United States Senate acquitted President Trump today because the two articles were illegitimate, inappropriate, and did not rise to the level of impeachment,” Purdue stated, in part.

“It’s time to put this dark chapter behind us and get back to work to deliver even more results for the American people,” he added.

Loeffler, who was sworn into office in the midst of the impeachment process stated: “We’ve heard enough.”

She told WSAV she was still focused on getting work done as the trial proceeded.

“I would hop in a phone booth in the Senate cloakroom, close the door and start making calls back to Georgians at home so that I didn’t get disconnected from it,” she said.

GOP senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, of South Carolina, also stood with Trump, voting to acquit.

Graham released the following statement following Wednesday’s vote:

This partisan-driven impeachment has done injury to the office of the presidency and was an injustice to President Trump.

As I said after the Clinton impeachment trial, the Senate has spoken and the cloud over the presidency has been removed. I meant it then and mean it now.

Unfortunately, I doubt my Democratic colleagues, who are being driven by unlimited hatred of President Trump, have the ability to move on.

The President was acquitted today by the Senate and will be exonerated by the American people in November when he is reelected to a second term.

Prior to the final impeachment votes, Scott said on the Senate floor that the process has lacked fairness.

“Democrats began talking about impeachment within months of President Trump’s election, and have made it clear that their number one goal — perhaps their only goal — has been to remove him from office,” he said, asking, “Does that sound fair to you?”

Rep. Joe Cunningham, the Democrat representing the Lowcountry, was quiet following Wednesday’s vote. Back in December, he voted in support of both articles of impeachment against Trump.

“We are a nation of laws and no single person is above the rule of law in America,” Cunningham wrote in an op-ed piece in The Post and Courier.

“I made my decision concerning the president’s impeachment judiciously, withholding judgment until I could review all evidence, hear all relevant testimony and weigh both sides of the argument,” he added.

Republican Congressman Buddy Carter, who represents Georgia’s 1st District, said the Senate “did the right thing” Wednesday. Back in December, as expected, Carter voted against impeachment.

“In the Senate, both sides were given the chance to present their case with the entire country watching,” Carter stated, in part. “However, it was again extremely clear that House Democrats fundamentally failed to prove their case. “

The final tallies: 52-48 favoring acquittal of abuse of power and 53-47 of obstruction of Congress’ investigation.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, of Utah, was the only member of his party to vote to convict the president on charges of abuse of power. Trump later posted a video on his Twitter that called Romney a “Democrat secret asset.”

The president also tweeted that he’ll be speaking at noon Thursday to discuss the “VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax.”

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