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GUYTON, GA (WSAV) – Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death for kids under 14.

But the overall survival rate with treatment is still 80%.

One Effingham County girl wants to prove to all kids that she, and they, can make that number rise even higher.

“Hey guys its your girl Nevaeh, I’m back with another banger.”

Nevaeh Williams isn’t just another 11 year old with a vlog, she has a purpose..

“I’m fed up.. I’m here to tell cancer who’s boss forever and for all.. lets go.”

Nevaeh has a Desmoplastic Small Round Cell tumor, and is starting her second fight against cancer.

“Her positive spirit every day when I wake up and say hey, she is waking up, it is her body, she’s moving forward,” explains Alana Simmons-Williams, Nevaeh’s mom. “She’s positive, she isn’t letting anything stop her, nobody else in this house should have any excuse about anything.”

“I don’t really like talking about it or telling people about it so they can treat me like a normal kid,” said Nevaeh. “They ask me oh are you ok, I say yes I’m fine stop asking me that.”

But the girl who doesn’t want to talk to people about cancer is willing to document her entire journey on youtube.

“I want to show that it is really bad and kids should not go through it,” said Nevaeh.

Nothing is off-limits. Whether it’s trying to take some nasty tasting chemo medicine. One of three different treatments she is on at the same time.

Even the bad times she kept the camera rolling when she was up all night throwing up.

“I couldn’t hold water down.. i was throwing up stomach acid.” detailed Nevaeh to her followers.

“(I want to) Show people both sides because there are some bad times and there are some and I want people to see both,” says Nevaeh.

Those good times include a “Cheat day” candy taste test with her brothers and sisters..

“I like to see people smile and I want to motivate people to get up, stay positive and whatever you are going through you can get through it and you can beat it,” explains Nevaeh.

Nevaeh’s battle is supported by her new friends from the Georgia Southern softball team

Even when the numbers are against her, just a 15% survival rate over five years..

“She knows the statistics of her cancer and the prognosis of it,” says Alana. “She knows and it bothers her no one bit.”

Nevaeh keeps vlogging.. fighting and dancing.

“When you have cancer you can’t just lay around and let it get you, you have to get up,” details Nevaeh. “Last time I did it I danced, and it really helped me through. This time I’m going to dance as well because it helps keep my vibes up, keeps me energetic, and makes me not even think about it.”

Even a WSAV reporter can get some airtime on Nevaeh’s vlog

“Adults messaged me and let me know about their journey and they came across Neveah and she lifts their spirits and they want them to keep going because she’s inspired the world,” says Alana.

“My goal is to reach kids that have just got a diagnosis for the first time and show them that get up and beat cancer’s butt,” said Nevaeh.

if you would like to follow Nevaeh’s journey:



And if you would like to help her battle, and thousands more in Georgia, South Carolina and everywhere else. Go to CURE Childhood Cancer’s webpage

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