SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Continuing community efforts to make sure everyone’s holidays are happy — that’s what the Kingdom of Life Christian Fellowship did today during its ‘Blessings on the Southside’ grocery and gift giveaway.

“This is our largest outreach effort of the year, this is the day we give away 1000 boxes of groceries and 1000 gifts to families,” says Pastor Charles Roberson of the Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship.

Hundreds came out today to receive toys, gifts and groceries.

“This is important to me because I’ve been a person in a family that needed a little bit more help during the holiday season and I always think about you never know who’s hands these gifts will lie in and I’m an educator and these gifts have landed in my hands before,” says Dr. Michel Pantin, a local educator and a volunteer.

Volunteers say the need is great in our community, especially ahead of the holidays.

“The pandemic has been so difficult so many people have lost so much and we’re in times of uncertainty,” Pastor Roberson said.

Cars lined up Saturday to receive a little extra support this holiday season.

“Just to see them lined up, I was down there, and I saw the cars lined up, it’s amazing that people are coming out and we have something for them here,” says Fifth District County Commissioner, Tanya Milton.

The gift of giving, proving today, to be the most important gift of all.