HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) – Businesses are doing everything they can to bring in people and keep them spending while keeping everyone safe.

Ace Hardware on Hilton Head Island is a popular place these days. A lot of people working on do-it-yourself projects at home while self-isolating.

But the store wants to make sure customers feel comfortable when they do they leave the house.

“We are doing everything in our control to keep everyone safe,” said Ron Burke, local Ace Hardware owner.

That includes markers noting the six-foot “social distancing” levels inside the store and signs reminding people of the “new rules” for social distancing and gloves for employees.

Behind the scenes, anyone helping customers during check out is receiving a medical check.

“It starts there,” said Burke. “That gets conveyed to the consumer, which then gets conveyed to everyone else. But it has to start with our people.”

Their people go in and answer a few medical questions and get a temperature check from a registered nurse.

It is a service that the company BrightStar Care is providing to businesses who want that extra level of protection both for customers and staff.

“We also ask them about their current symptoms, if they have a runny nose or coughing. We ask them about any previous things they may have had, anything that could compromise their immune system,” said Jill Larson of BrightStar Care.

“The communities want to stay open for business and we need to keep our economy going, so to help pre-screen the employees helps keep that peace of mind,” explained Larson. “Which is so important for people to actually feel safe to come into their businesses, and that is what we are trying to provide.”

“We just have to do everything that we can to get everyone comfortable with continuing to work,” said Burke. “We are an essential business and so you can’t do that without people out there and it is our responsibility to make sure they are safe.”

So far, Brightstar Care has been hired to perform the same service for seven different companies in the Lowcountry and Savannah.

Good news for Ace Hardware: while News 3 was there, everyone’s temperature was normal and they were able to go right back to work.