SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Savannah Fire Department showcased Camp Ignite campers’ new and improved skills involving firefighting and EMT experiences on Saturday.

The camp catered to girls ages 14 to 21. Gaining empowerment, self-confidence and leadership skills were just some of the camp’s goals.

Tyler Barrett, Savannah Fire Department’s advanced firefighter, said activities geared toward young girls are essential and great to see.

“To me, there are less than 15 firefighters here on Savannah fire,” Barrett said. So, just seeing these girls come out here and be passionate and excited about something that we’re all passionate and excited about is amazing.”

While building these skills, campers could walk away with hands-on experiences by learning how to complete a search and rescue and stop someone from bleeding.

‘Stop The Bleed’ was an all-around favorite class involving packing wounds and applying tourniquets.

“We let the girls use fire hoses and spray water, which is something, not many people get to do,” Barrett explained. “We had a hands-only CPR. These girls are leaving our camp with the necessary skills that if somebody, God forbid, were to collapse they know how to initiate CPR.

Camp Ignite participant, Mandi Gils, said this has been an amazing experience, which she was not too sure about at the beginning of camp. When asking Mandi what she learned throughout the course of the 3 days, she said quite a lot.

“I learned how hard being a firefighter is,” Gils said. “They have to go through so much heat, obviously because of fire, but all the stuff they have to wear, how heavy it is, and climbing up a tall ladder. We got the chance to do that. It was fun, but I wouldn’t want to do it every time there’s a call.”

Gils tells News 3 that when visiting a fire station, all she ever saw were men. She said seeing the women at Savannah Fire Department shows her she is capable of anything. She went on to say she wishes she can experience this week again. 

“This is the first time I have gotten so close to so many people in 3 days,” said Gils. “It’s really impressive just because we were forced to talk to each other. I’m so happy with all the new friends I have made. Hopefully, I’ll see them again.”