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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – It’s no secret that Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in America. Thanks to its historic squares, diverse and creative community, waterfront views and more, the city has become a hot spot for those with an eye for beauty… and a smartphone.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we snap a photo of nearly everything we do. Whether you’re walking your dog, celebrating an engagement, showing off a new outfit, or simply meeting friends for brunch, you’re going to take a photo and you’re going to post it on Instagram. In a city as photogenic as Savannah, there’s no reason that every one of those photos can’t be a social media masterpiece.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of Savannah’s most Instagram-worthy spots to guarantee every post is a work of art. Check out the list below!

Forsyth Park Fountain (1 W. Gaston Street)

It would be wrong for us to kick off this list with any location other than the Forsyth Park Fountain. It’s a staple for Savannah locals and tourists alike. According to Visit Savannah, the fountain was erected in 1858, making it over 150 years old. Visiting for St. Patrick’s Day? The fountain is dyed green every year!

Wormsloe Historic Site (7601 Skidaway Road)

The Wormsloe Historic Site is about 15 minutes out of the Savannah’s downtown, but is full of just as much history and beauty. The iconic Spanish moss sheltered roadway is just waiting to be photographed by visitors. Keep going farther onto the historic property and you’ll find ruins, nature trails, gravesites and more. Note: Several movies, including The General’s Daughter and The Last Song, were filmed here!

Starland District Murals (41st Street and Bull Street)

Savannah’s Starland District recently got a new look with the addition of eight murals by local artists on the outside walls of Starland Dairy. The Starland Mural Project is an initiative that supports the funding, creation, and conservation of murals in the area. Supporting your Instagram feed is just an added bonus! Learn more about the murals from WSAV’s Claire Going HERE.

Jones Street

Jones Street is considered the prettiest street in Savannah. Some have even called it one of the most beautiful streets in the entire country. It’s charming, flaunting gorgeous townhomes and a moss-filled canopy of trees.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (222 E. Harris Street)

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is gorgeous on the outside and even more stunning on the inside. The church features historically notable architecture and massive stained glass windows. Note: Photos for personal use are allowed inside.

Gallery Espresso (234 Bull Street)

This coffee shop sits in a former residential space right on the corner of one of Savannah’s most historic squares. The latte art is pretty, but the ever-changing interior decor is even more eye-catching. Gallery Espresso doubles as an art venue for the work of aspiring student, local, and national artists.

Tybee Island

On Tybee Island, the beaches are clean, the sunsets are bold and the photos are beyond Instagram-worthy. Some of our favorite spots are the Tybee Beach Pier and North Beach. The pier offers great ocean views and is right in the center of all the downtown action, while North Beach features gorgeous views of the lighthouse and a relaxing, more private beach vibe. Note: The water might be a little chilly in February, ask Jon!

Chippewa Square

Walk just outside of Gallery Espresso and you’ll find yourself in Chippewa Square. “Forrest Gump” made this square one of Savannah’s most famous with its bench scenes, where Forrest waited for the bus. While the “Forrest Gump” bench is no longer in the square, tourists and locals alike still visit and pretend.

Peregrin Rooftop Lounge (256 E. Perry Street)

Looking for the most stunning view of the Hostess City and the next location of your new profile picture? Look no further than Peregrin. The open-air rooftop has everything you need for the perfect photo: a colorful mural, greenery, string lights and a sunset view. Plus, it’s got a great view of the Savannah Theatre mentioned above!

Savannah Theatre (222 Bull Street)

The Savannah Theatre dates back to 1818. The theatre’s first show was a production of the comedy “The Soldier’s Daughter” and “Raising the Wind”. The glowing theatre sign is the perfect photo opportunity both during the day and at night. Pro tip: Try taking this photo Leaning Tower of Pisa style.

The Collins Quarter (151 Bull Street)

The Collins Quarter is an Australian cafe with a camera-ready menu. Between the perfectly plated brunch dishes and the natural light beaming on the chic decor, The Collins Quarter is sure to provide a food photo worth 1,000 “likes”.

Leopold’s Ice Cream (212 E. Broughton Street)

Leopold’s has been serving up award-winning ice cream since 1919. It hasn’t been serving up selfies quite as long, but its big, neon sign and vintage movie posters make for great backdrops. Just outside of Leopold’s is the equally as Instagram-worthy Trustees Theater!

Bonaventure Cemetery (330 Bonaventure Road, Thunderbolt)

Bonaventure Cemetery has become a world famous tourist destination since it became a public cemetery in 1907. The tree-lined roadways and striking cemetery sculptures and architecture not only make for beautiful photos, but also leave visitors with a sense of peace and respect. A visit to Bonaventure is far more than just a great photo opportunity.

Barber Pole (110 Bull Street)

A barber shop might not be the first place you think of when imagining the set of your next photoshoot. Barber Pole is a small, classic-style barber shop featuring historic photos and red, white and blue decor. While you’re getting a quick trim and a shoeshine, snap a pic of Barber Pole’s retro space.

Foxy Loxy Cafe (1919 Bull Street)

Foxy Loxy Cafe describes itself as “equal parts coffee shop, bakery and Tex-Mex cantina.” They forgot to mention “the location of your most-liked Instagram post.” This cafe has local artists’ work covering its walls, making it a dream for coffee lovers and Instagram addicts alike. Pro tip: Head out back and enjoy your coffee by a fire pit and let that natural light work its magic.

We’ll be adding more locations to this list each week to keep your Instagram feed fresh. Know of a picture-perfect location? E-mail it to us at or share it with us on Instagram @wsav3 @lauren_wolverton @jondowding!

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