Lion’s mane jellyfish seen on Tybee Island

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photo: Tybee Lifeguards

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) – If you’re taking a trip to Tybee Island before the waters get warmer, you might come across the largest known jellyfish in the world.

This week, Tybee Lifeguards shared photos of the lion’s mane jellyfish washed up on the shore.

“They are pretty, but don’t touch them! They do sting, but it’s a minor irritation compared to the stings you may receive by the jellyfish that are around in the summer,” Tybee Lifeguards shared.

The jellyfish gets its name from its long, hair-like tentacles. The largest known of its kind stretched 120 feet, rivaling the size of the blue whale.

Lion’s mane jellyfish prefer colder waters and are most commonly found in the Arctic Ocean, so they likely won’t be hanging around Tybee for much longer.

Betsy Given Tesanovich took this photo on a March trip to Tybee. She said the jellyfish was “GINORMOUS!!!”

The sting isn’t as intense as that of a Portuguese man o’ war, so the remedy is akin to a common jellyfish.

“Gently rub wet sand on the area and wash it off with ocean water,” Tybee Lifeguards suggested.

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