Liberty County board of commissioners discuss options for funding county Fire Services

Local News

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WSAV)- Liberty County board of commissioners are discussing different options regarding funding for Liberty County Fire Services. 

Those options include a fire fee or a tax based fee. Liberty county’s fire chief Brian Darby said if a fee was approved and increased funding, it would allow him to hire more paid firefighters.  

This would also allow Fire Services to rely less on volunteer firefighters. Currently, Fire Services relies on 29 volunteers and two part-time firefighters to cover 180 miles.

In 2013, Darby said Fire Services had 113 volunteer firefighters and only covered 86 miles. The increase of area coverage from 86 to 180 miles didn’t take place until July of 2018. 

” But, fire services is ever growing. Emergency services is ever growing, people never have a stop for needing emergency services, but you can’t continue to get better services or the same services for free,” Darby said. 

Darby also said if a fee was approved more funding would go towards things such as regular maintenance of their fire engines, some they’ve had since the 1980s. There is no word on when commissioners will decide on a fee.

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