MIDWAY, Ga. (WSAV) – Galena Hooks’ hometown and the place she raised her children is left in destruction.

“It’s just a helpless feeling seeing that happen to where you grew up,” Galena said.

Dozens were killed and hundreds are still missing from last week’s deadly tornadoes, which ripped through Mayfield, Kentucky where Galena is from.

“It was heartbreaking,” she said. “I mean the girls were raised blocks from where everything was flattened I mean the main source of it all.”

Galena described the Mayfield community as some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. While she said her family and friends are all safe, her heart aches for those who can’t say the same.

The Hooks family is loading up bags of clothes, blankets and food for those in need. The family is planning to make the 10-hour drive on Friday morning with a trailer full of donations.

“We went from I hope we can get enough in a trunk to hey we’re gonna have to have a trailer, we may have to look at getting a bigger trailer, we’re gonna have to rent a truck in just six hours,” Galena said.

“The generosity’s been awesome and there’s been a lot targeted specifically for kids,” Galena’s husband, Michael, said. “There’s been a lot of toys that’s been donated as well to try to supplement what people are gonna be short.”

The family was already planning a trip back to Kentucky for the holidays, but know this time home will be different.

“They’re still looking for people at this point so we’re not looking at seeing much besides disaster,” Galena said.

The Mayfield Community Foundation is also accepting monetary donations on GoFundMe.