HAMPTON, S.C. (WSAV) – Gloria Satterfield’s estate has added Bank of America to their lawsuit accusing Alex Murdaugh of stealing his longtime housekeeper’s death settlement money.

Satterfield reportedly died after a trip and fall accident in Murdaugh’s home in 2018. Her death sparked a wrongful death lawsuit against the disgraced attorney along with accusations that he pocketed the money rather than pay Satterfield’s sons.

In recent weeks, attorneys for Satterfield’s estate announced two settlements have been reached in the wrongful death case. But Monday, the attorneys filed an amendment to the suit claiming the United States’ largest bank system effectively looked the other way when it came to Murdaugh’s banking activity.

“By flexing their own rules and ignoring banking customs, BOA helped Murdaugh establish his fake Forge accounts, which Murdaugh funded with stolen money from the Plaintiffs, as well as other victims and/or PMPED clients,” the amendment reads, in part. “Once he was in possession of his ill-gotten gain, Murdaugh engaged in other suspicious banking conduct with BOA should have identified”

The introductory paragraph from the amended complaint filed Monday by Eric Bland and Ronald Richter Jr.

The lawsuit claims Bank of America should have identified Murdaugh’s “suspicious banking conduct.”

“Had Bank of America followed their own guidelines and acted reasonable under the circumstances, Alex Murdaugh could never have accomplished his scheme over so many years,” a statement from Eric Bland, an attorney representing the Satterfield estate reads, in part.

Bank of America released the following comment regarding the claims.

“There is no basis for this lawsuit and we are asking the court to dismiss it. Make no mistake, the wrongdoer here was Mr. Murdaugh, and the diversion of these funds occurred away from Bank of America. We had no knowledge of any theft and followed standard procedures in account openings for a sole proprietor business.“

Murdaugh remains in jail for charges related to the settlement scheme.