Over a century and a half ago, the largest recorded sale of enslaved people took place right here in Savannah.

Historians believe in the two-day event over 430 slaves were sold to buyers from all over the country. The massive sale took place on what used to be an old horse track.

Speakers at the ceremony said it rained so bad on those two days and it wasn’t until the last slave was auctioned odd that the rain finally stopped. 

Members from all over the community attended the event and it concluded with everyone opening black umbrellas.

The umbrellas signify the two days of rain that took place and serve as a symbol of remembrance for such a dark time in history.  

Organizers hope the message of the event will resonate with the youth most of all, “I am going, I am a senior citizen. I am leaving but I need for them to know so that when I am gone. They too will know their history and can pass it on to the next generation,” said Pamela Oglesby, who has been on the planning committee since its inception.