BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — Some folks in the Lowcountry are hoping to give their dreams a chance for the second time. The estimated jackpot is worth 1.2 billion dollars. Lots of happy customers packed the Nickelpumpers in old town Bluffton hoping for a slice of the billion-dollar prize.

For Bluffton resident, Helene Kugit she said she and her friends came up with the perfect plan to win big.

“I got together with twenty-two friends and we all chipped in four dollars each, and I’m going to go around to a lot of different stores,” Kugit said. “Big stores and little stores like this because most winners buy their tickets, get their tickets at the little stores, those are the winners”.

Manager at Nickelpumpers, Debi Boisclair says drawings like these always bring in large crowds, so she asks people to considerate of the workers behind the counters.

“It’s a little anxious for us because we’re doing our best to meet all our customers expectations. What they have to realize is, it’s also busy for them,” Boisclair said. “Just be patient, and be kind to each other and to the person selling you that ticket. They’re doing the absolute best they can.”

Italia Parsi and her longtime friend, Tansi Faulkner say they don’t play the lottery often, but a jackpot this large, they couldn’t help but give in.

“So, we’re feeling very hopeful I think, umm we got our lottery tickets,” Parsi said. “I don’t play it much, but I’m excited to have the opportunity and umm you know just wrapping positive vibes around it”.

And as for Boisclair, she said she has purchased her ticket, and if she wins, she wants to help her son pay for school, and give back to her favorite charity.

“Yes, I did I’m hoping like everybody else that I’ll win too,” Boisclair said. I can pay off my son’s education and contribute to the charity that’s near and dear to my heart, St. Jude’s.”