Killers of community activist sentenced, 1 sentenced for second murder

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Two people convicted in the murder of Savannah community activist Shawtray Grant were sentenced Thursday.

One received life “with” the possibility of parole but that was not the case for the second defendant who received two consecutive life sentences without parole in relation to Grant’s death and also the murder of a second person, Robert Lee Junior.

In the Grant case, 24-year-old Nelaunte Grant (no relation) was convicted for felony murder and armed robbery for setting up Mr. Grant to be robbed.

Judge Benjamin Karpf said, “a life sentence was sadly appropriate and that Miss Grant had set a tragedy in motion.” However, Karpf did hand down a sentence of life with the possibility of parole.

Miss Grant’s attorney had pled some mercy citing her age and her young children. While granting the sentence the judge also said it was unlikely she would be paroled “any time soon and said maybe in 30 years.”

Twenty-five-year-old Osha Dunham was convicted for killing and robbing Grant. Family members of the activist spoke saying it was difficult to describe the loss their family had endured.

Shawntray Grant’s sister Erica Jenkins said the two defendants had treated her brother “like a dollar bill.” She said “Shantray was a caring and loving person. She looked directly at Miss Grant and told her she “had put greed over her children.”

Shawntray Grant’s brother Deontray said to both defendants “If you knew Puff (Shawntray Grant) he would have just given you what you wanted, you didn’t have to kill him, you didn’t have to take his life.”

Osha Dunham was also convicted in the shooting death of Robert Lee, Junior. That death occurred in July of 2018 about a month after Shawntray Grant’s death and with a weapon Dunham had stolen from Grant.

Family members of Mr. Lee were also in the courtroom. His father said Dunham “had taken his son and it was a waste of money for taxpayers to send Dunham to prison.”

Judge Karpf saying both victims were basically executed. In addition to both life without parole sentences for the murders, Dunham received an additional 315 years in prison for a long list of other shooting crimes involving at least five victims.

Judge Karpf called the level of violence involving Dunham’s crimes astonishing. He said it was “almost impossible to put into words the level of heartbreak and terror Dunham had unleashed on the community.”

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