SOUTH CAROLINA (WSAV) — The race for South Carolina’s First Congressional District is considered one of the hottest in the country.

Lowcountry voters have a chance on Tuesday to make their pick for the Republican nomination.

Incumbent Nancy Mace is searching for a second term, facing off with a candidate that has a political past and the support of former President Donald Trump.

The First District made headlines four years ago for electing a Democrat for the first time in 30 years.

Now, the Republican woman that lost that race is back.

Katie Arrington says she is better prepared and more focused on what the district and the country needs this time around.

Arrington is pushing her conservative values and “America First” agenda to Republican voters in the Lowcountry.

“You are a business owner and you need to look at your legislator as an employee,” explains Arrington. “If they aren’t producing results after two years would you keep them? Would you keep them on the payroll? Or would you say thanks but we are going to go a different route. And the incumbent has not lived up to her promises on the campaign trail.”

A vehement Trump supporter, who has said he did not lose the 2020 election has gotten an endorsement from the former President.

Trump switched sides from incumbent Nancy Mace who he supported in 2020. A woman he has called a “disaster” as a leader.

“We enjoyed the securest borders during the four years of the Trump administration,” said Arrington. “We didn’t have the border crisis we have had during the Biden administration. The humanitarian and security crisis that the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge. President Trump with his policies was leading us rapidly toward not just being energy-independent but energy dominant. We were moving toward being a world player in energy.”

“I stood and still stand firmly behind President Trump’s lifting the ban on offshore drilling. If there was oil in South Carolina, there would be rigs. But I never was for drilling off the coast of South Carolina. And I still am not for drilling off the coast of South Carolina.”

Arrington says there is no need for new gun laws or any additional regulations on assault weapons, even after Uvalde. She suggests the country should follow the Second Amendment and the laws that are on the books already.

“We do not have a gun crisis. We have a moral crisis,” said Arrington. “We have a mental illness crisis. We have had years of children being CRT, social, emotional learning, the children have been damaged no doubt. The mental crisis that we are getting, that we have, are because we have a generation of children that are lost.”

“We need somebody in Washington who is going to ensure our children’s minds are protected. A simple one-line legislation the federal department of education should no longer exist on December 31, 2022. Simple. Have the money follow the child.”

“The federal government is putting restraints on education. The only thing I would ever allow the federal government to send the money back is that the kids have to say the pledge of Allegiance in the morning, and 30 seconds if they want to pray or meditate, that’s it.”

Arrington has taken aim at Mace’s “liberal” voting record, her support of issues like legalizing marijuana and the fact Arrington claims Mace has voted with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 45% of the time.

“I don’t want to ever vote for AOC on a Democratic agenda. That is progressive, that is socialism.”

“We need somebody who puts their boots on the ground put their head down and make sure the conservative values we hold near are dear are actually prioritized.”

Arrington will be holding a rally Friday in Bluffton with Congressman Joe Wilson who has also endorsed her.

She has promised to not take a salary or a Congressional pension if elected and only serve a total of three terms in office.

The winner of this race will take on Democrat Annie Andrews in the Congressional election in November.