Jury selection to begin Tuesday in Foley, Pastures Murder Trial

Local News

After an unexpected turn of events Friday, the murder trial of Rebecca Foley and James Pastures is set to resume.

Judge Louisa Abbot declared a mistrial Friday afternoon over concerns for jury safety. 

A juror reported being threatened by someone while leaving the courthouse last week.

Over the weekend, State Prosecutors drew up plea deals for each defendant on trial.

Jordan Campbell, Roderick Parrish, Kevin Smith, Henry Sanders and Shaquel Speaks were offered deals which included a guilty plea with a life sentence and the possibility of parole. Each defendant rejected the state’s offer.

The five men are charged with murder in connection with the deaths of Rebecca Foley and James Pastures. 

The trial is set to begin later this week with opening statements from the Prosecution and the Defense. 

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