Two deadly domestic disputes just a day apart,. One happened Friday when a woman was stabbed  to death by a man she was living with.

Then Saturrday, a woman shot and killed a man, who police say was wanted for domestic abuse. 

Domestic violence is one of the most prevalent crimes in the United States. National  statistics show that nearly one in three American women report being physically or sexually abused, usually by someone they know.

Marquis Robinson was shot in the parking lot of the Days Inn hotel, according to his criminal record, the woman who pulled the trigger had been involved in two other domestic related incidents involving him.

‘I think it raises some serious questions, you know the gentleman that was killed had two warrants out for domestic violence. It makes you wonder just what priority domestic violence is in the District Attorney’s office and our judicial system in Chatham County,” said District 6 Alderman, Tony Thomas.

The stabbing occured on Hanson St, 38 year old Keith Green, who’s been charged with murder was living with victim Yasmin Shabazz.

The deadly shooting happened in Thomas’ district, he said law enforcement needs to get better at handling these kinds of cases.

 “There are others that have occurred recently and that’ unfortunate. anytime you have a fatality in the community is a sad situation. to have two fatalities but have them two related to a very specific type crime is bothersome because it makes you wonder how many times there were cries for help,” said Thomas. 

But, Kristen Dubrowski, CEO of Hopeful Horizons, a domestic violence advocacy group said it’s the entire communities responsibility to help victims of abuse.

“It takes the community working together to help keep victims of domestic violence safe you know including organizations like ours, law enforcement, other human service providers, other governmental agencies you know we really all have to work together to ensure the victims safety,” said Dubrowski. 

Both cases are still currently under investigation. At this time we are working to see if domestic related incidents in Chatham County are on the rise.

Most recent statistics show Georgia is 15th in the nation for domestic violence related homicides.