Inspiration on the bathroom stall walls


People look for inspiration in many different places like books and music. 

But in the Lowcountry, some high school kids are getting inspired… in the bathroom.

What’s wrong with a little positive affirmation from your friends, your parents, your teachers? Now even the bathroom stalls at Hilton Head High School.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Hilton Head High School Parent Teacher Organization covered almost all of the stall doors with positive statements that kids can see.

Statements range from being a good person to inspirational messages directed at girls.

The students say while it is different, they welcome the words.

“It’s kind of like a breath of fresh air, said Abigail Hartberger, Hilton Head student. “You think oh I have five minutes before I have to get back to class, I’m a little stressed out. It’s just nice to see an inspirational message, like you can do this.”

“You need to feel every day that you have some kind of purpose,” explains Carl Boatwright. “You are going somewhere and are doing something. And sometimes you just need a reminder, even is it’s from the bathroom stall wall.” 

The messages are in about 90% of the school bathrooms so far, and Hilton Head high officials say thanks to the student response, they are here to stay.

Now the PTO plans to make the messages even brighter and more colorful in the weeks to come. 

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