SAVANNAH (WSAV) – The first indication of just how special Memorial Health’s new Children’s Hospital of Savannah is a “Tree of Colors” that greets patients when they enter the lobby. “On that tree of colors is the different areas that they would be going to, so if they’re going to the surgery center they would follow that green line that would lead them to the surgery center,” says Physician-in Chief, Dr. Brad Buckler.

The attention to detail flows through one color coordinated, Savannah area themed department after the other. There’s the orange pediatrics unit with reed grass painted on the walls for a marsh theme; a green surgery center with four, 508 sq ft. operating rooms, and the light blue 18 bed children’s emergency department where sliding doors resemble trolleys. Buckler says the ER is specially designed for children, so “they don’t have to go into a scary ER with adult patients, trauma patients, and other things that they don’t want to see.”

The new hospital even has a service dog named Penelope. Administrators say she’ll be able to provide a nice cuddle or a little pet, even play ball with the kids.  She’ll also be on hand to help staff cope with stress.

The 90 thousand square foot Dwaine and Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah also features MRI and CT scans designed for specifically for children, as well as rooms induction rooms where parents can be with a child as they’re put to sleep for surgery. “We’re actually going to be the first facility in the whole country to have those induction rooms,” claims Buckler.

The new hospital cost $66 million dollars to build. Part of the funding comes from a donation made by the late Dwaine Willett and his wife Cynthia, for whom the hospital was named.

Doors open to patients on March 9th.