RINCON, Ga. (WSAV) — This past Mother’s Day, Riley Bacon was playing hide and seek with her mom. Her parents could’ve never imagined a simple game could almost take their daughter’s life. 

“She stopped and turned around and looked behind the door and her mom was like boo,” says Rylie’s father, Mitchell Bacon. “When she did, I guess it startled her because Riley turned around and when she did, she tripped and hit her head on the dresser.”

However, Riley popped back up and kept playing. Her parents didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

“She falls all the time. She’s very clumsy. So, we really didn’t think anything of it. She continued to play.”

Riley was fine for the next several hours but then her parents noticed something was off.

“She started screaming again,” says Mitchell. “She was holding her head. And you know we just thought she was kind of showing out. Then she started to get where she was real sleepy. She wanted to go to sleep. Shortly after she threw up and when she threw up she literally laid her head in the toilet while she was throwing up, I knew something was wrong.”

It turned out Rylie was suffering from an epidural hematoma, which is a type of brain bleed.

Her parents rushed Rylie to Effingham County Hospital where they found that she needed to be airlifted to memorial health in Savannah.

Not at all how her mom thought Mother’s Day would go.

“It was really scary, once we got to the emergency room, they took her in for a CT scan,” said Rylie’s mom, Amie. “And that’s when they came back and said there was a bleeding on her brain. That’s kind of whenever the scariness set in.”

Doctors told Rylie’s parents if she had fallen asleep that she might have not woken up and if she did, she would’ve had brain damage.

Her father and mother want other parents to take every matter seriously when it comes to their kids.

“Take the time to take your child and have them checked out,” says Mitchell. “Take it serious. It could not be a serious matter. They’ll tell you. They’ll turn you around and say hey look thanks for bringing them in…go home. Don’t take it for granted.”

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