Injured Effingham Co. soldier suing company he claims is responsible for suicide bombing

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A local soldier wounded in a suicide bombing is suing a company he says was working with him, but not protecting fellow soldiers at an Afghanistan military base.

Winston Hencely is just 22 years old now, and permanently disabled.

He is unable to use his left arm, hand, and leg. Hencely also has seizures, PTSD and a traumatic brain injury.

Six people died in that November 2016 attack, but Hencely was given credit for finding the bomber before he could do even more damage.

He says all of this could have been prevented.

The lawsuit, filed in a Greenville, South Carolina court states that Fluor, an engineering company and private military contractor, let that bomber, a Taliban operative, walk freely in the base. The suit claims Fluor even gave the operative the tools to make the bomb.

He stuffed it with nuts and bolts from his own workstation.

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The bomber’s goal was to blow up the explosive vest at the starting line of the Veterans Day 5K. Hencely actually noticed the bomber was wearing a bulky vest and grabbed his arm.

That’s when the terrorist set off that bomb.

According to the lawsuit, the Army investigation showed Fluor let the terrorist work alone on a night shift where three different supervisors didn’t see he took U.S. military mechanical parts and made them into a bomb.

It adds that the suicide bomber was not escorted off the base like he should have been before the race. He was able to walk unsupervised to the starting line — a spot where he could have killed dozens of soldiers.

But he didn’t make it because Hencely stopped him, at great cost to the then 20-year-old’s own body and well being.

The lawsuit is asking for an undisclosed amount of damages for what is described as his “permanent” injuries, lost wages, medical costs, pain and suffering, and the negligence of Fluor. All of which lawyers say was for the company’s own personal gain.

When asked for a comment on the lawsuit, Fluor released this statement:

“We are aware of the complaint filed by Army Specialist Winston Hencely. Because of pending litigation, however, we will not be able to provide any additional information at this time.”

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